Why Super Rack?

Super Rack guarantees efficient port operation as the entire process can be completed within five minutes. Moreover, Super Rack is easy to handle, stackable, and storage space saving.
Super Rack can even be used as artificial Decks. These features of our products attract long-term customers who get assimilated to our innovative flat rack-Super Rack.

Super Rack’s Threefold Benefits
Height-adjustable  Stackable  Collapsible

Heightened Efficiency
Utilization of Super Rack is efficient because the entire process can be completed within a few minutes. The key benefit of using Super Rack is that you can save spaces in storage and vessels, because it is height adjustable and stackable;the adjusted height of corner posts is higher than that of cargos, which allows us to stack on top of other OOG cargos by using Super Racks

Reduced Cost
As a result of saving space and time, Super Rack guarantees a high quality operation at a minimum cost.
Thus, our product is very cost-effective. It is a win-win situation for our customers.

Greater Convenience
With heightened efficiency and reduced cost, Super Rack offers convenience.
Loading and unloading from freight vessels can be done easily without special equipment.
Pre-loaded masses of containers can be used as an artificial deck.
There are myriads of cargo suitable for Super Rack: construction equipment, tool making machinery, steel products, cable drum, helicopter, trucks, etc.

Super Rack
V 4.0 - highcube
V 4.0 - highcube
V 3.4
V 3.4
V 4.0 - highcube
V 3.4
V 4.0 - highcube
V 4.0 - highcube
V 4.0 - highcube
STX Pan Ocean
Heavy Super Rack
V 4.0 - highcube
V 4.0 - highcube
V 4.0 - highcube
V 4.0 - highcube
Handling at Yard
Loading on Board
Demonstration at JAKARTA
Handling 200T Excavator at Singapore